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Dave Albertson

I’ve always been a jack-of-all-trades, it’s just that not all my trades are what you might expect from a home improvement contractor.

Like many builders, I grew up around construction. My father taught wood and metal shop at the local middle school and I was building bike ramps and display shelves for my Hot Wheels when I was big enough to swing a hammer. When I got older, my summers were spent working for construction companies in Colorado and working with my dad on all his summer jobs. My formal education, however, is in philosophy and theology and I’ve spent many years in academic and ecclesiastical professions.

Through those professional years, I was always able to keep my hands in construction. I had to the joy of working with Rebuilding Together in Frederick County, participating in Habitat for Humanity builds, and teaching young people about construction through Group Workcamps.

Several years ago, I began working professionally in residential construction sales and through that experience have been able to blend my passion for building with my appreciation for the social sciences. The opportunity to work with clients to improve their homes has been the perfect blend of working with my hands and working with my heart and soul.

I look forward to building new relationships with new clients and sharing in the fun and challenge of building together.


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