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Modern Sunrooms in Frederick MD

We at Blue Horizon Construction build modern sunrooms in Frederick, MD. They are home additions that offer a multitude of benefits. Our experienced team recommends sunrooms since they allow the homeowner to connect with the outdoors while staying protected from the sun.

Also, sunrooms are perfect retreat, dining, or relaxation areas where you can enjoy morning coffee. They are valuable additions that add value to every property and increase the resale value.

Types of sunrooms

At Blue Horizon Construction, we construct sunrooms of various types. Our staff will discuss with you to understand your needs. Then, we will recommend the most convenient sunroom option that best suits the climate in your area. The most common types of sunrooms are:

Three-season sunrooms
Four-season sunrooms
Screned porches

Each type of sunroom has a unique purpose and charm and caters to different lifestyles.

Three-season sunrooms

Three-season sunrooms are convenient for spring, summer, and fall. They lack heating or insulation and can be cold in the winter. However, three-season sunrooms are ideal for warm-weather retreats. Also, they allow you to connect to nature and avoid the sun or pesky insects.

Four-season sunrooms

Four-season sunrooms can be used in all seasons. We insulate them well and equip them with cooling and heating systems. As such, four-season sunrooms are the most convenient to use as cozy retreats.

Solariums, Screened Porches and Conservatories

Solariums or ‘glass houses’ offer an exceptional outdoor experience while giving shelter from all weather conditions. Their design is elegant and includes a glass ceiling and glass walls. What is more, plant enthusiasts can cultivate their gardens inside their solariums.

Screened porches have screens instead of glass and allow everyone to enjoy the breeze and natural sounds. These sunrooms are convenient in warm evenings for relaxing or dining without being surrounded by walls.

Conservatories are a blend of classical design and luxury. They feature glass walls and ornate detailing and serve as a space for displaying art, hosting events, or savoring the beauty of surroundings.

Design of sunrooms in Frederick MD

At Blue Horizon Construction, we understand that the design of sunrooms is a delicate process. We do our best to combine our client’s vision with the characteristics of a specific sunroom type.

Our task is to consider the location which will allow the functionality of this structure. Then, our team selects flooring and ceiling materials that are durable, easy to clean, and resistant to temperature changes. Finally, we consider windows and doors and heating and cooling solutions.

Construction process of sunrooms in Frederick MD

This is the moment when you can include your style and preferences. We guide you throughout the entire construction process and adjust to your schedule and budget.

We at Blue Horizon Construction build home additions and outdoor structures. Our teams perform pool construction, remodeling, deck building, resurfacing, retaining wall installation, and more.


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