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Screened in Patio

Screened-in Patio Installation in Frederick MD

At Blue Horizon Construction, we specialize in installing screened-in patios in Frederick, MD. Our expertise ensures you can enjoy the outdoors in comfort, free from insects, and surrounded by the beauty of Frederick’s landscapes.

Benefits of having a screened-in patio in Frederick MD

A screened-in patio is also known as a screened-in deck, screened room, or screened enclosure. This type of patio allows fresh air to flow through while protecting from insects, bugs, and other outdoor elements.

Screened-in patios provide a comfortable and bug-free space for relaxation and outdoor activities. They can be attached to a house or stand-alone structures. People often use them for dining, entertaining guests, or enjoying the natural surroundings without the nuisances associated with open-air spaces.

Screened-in patios offer several benefits that will enhance your living experience. Some of these benefits include:

Reduced Maintenance. Screened-in patios require less maintenance. The screens keep debris and leaves out, making it easier to keep the space clean.
Versatility and Extended Usability. Screened-in patios are versatile spaces that you can use throughout the year. They are ideal for dining, entertaining guests, reading, or simply enjoying the outdoors in a more controlled environment.
Increased Property Value. A screened-in patio can add value to your home and enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your property.

Screened-in patio installation process in Frederick MD

Our staff delivers top-notch screened-in patio installation services. From the initial consultation to the final touches, we openly communicate with our clients.

 At Blue Horizon Construction, we understand clients’ preferences, budgets, and the requirements of their outdoor spaces. We give our best to create a space that matches our customer’s home’s architecture and landscape.

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At Blue Horizon Construction, we take pride in our extensive professional experience in screened-in patio installation. We do new pool construction, pool remodeling, deck building, deck resurfacing and repair, shade structures, and patio installation. We are ready to create all kinds of outdoor structures and home additions in Frederick, MD, at our client’s request.


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