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World-class Pavilions in Frederick MD

We construct world-class pavilions in Frederick, MD. These sturdy outdoor structures are ideal shelters and leisure places.

Pavilions can serve as either temporary structures or extensions to larger buildings. They are an exciting and growing trend in landscape design in Maryland.

Pavilions are functional outdoor facilities that bring a feeling of luxury. Also, they are ideal protection from rain, wind and sun. In addition, these places are great for gatherings, as guests can freely move around despite unexpected summer rain.

Benefits of outdoor pavilions in Frederick MD

There are many benefits of having outdoor pavilions in Frederick, MD. Some of them include:

Even hosting. Pavilions are great for hosting events and social gatherings.
They enhance the visual appeal of your backyard.
They add value to your home or business.
Pavilions provide extra living space you need. They can serve as a dining room or an outdoor kitchen, additional storage space, or an outdoor office.

Planning Your Pavilion with Blue Horizon Construction

Our clients have to determine the function of the future pavilion, which can be:

an oasis for relaxation
a special place for outdoor celebrations
a functional outdoor office space for remote work
a welcoming space for family

Then, we discuss the perfect location of this structure. It depends on the size of the property and your preferences. However, we recommend locations with the best views.

Pavilion materials and design in Frederick MD

At Blue Horizon Construction, we recommend durable materials, such as bricks, metal, pavers, concrete, stone, wood, and vinyl. Their prices are different and may vary a lot. Also, these materials require different upkeep and special care.

The design of your pavilion should match with your home’s architecture. Their shape can be square, rectangular, hexagonal, or octagonal, whereas their roofs may be pitched or flat.

We at Blue Horizon Construction have a lot of experience constructing pavilions in Frederick, MD. Our dedication to turning your landscape dreams into an enjoyable reality in Maryland is unmatched. Count on us for all kinds of home additions and outdoor structures in Frederick, MD. We do pool construction, pool remodeling, deck building, deck resurfacing and repair, shade structures, pool hauses, patio installation, and much more.

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