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Professional construction of ADU’s in Frederick MD

At Blue Horizon Construction, we specialize in the professional construction of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU’s) in Frederick, MD. Our experienced team is well-versed in building ADU’s in backyards or side yards, ensuring compliance with relevant zoning and permitting standards.

Unlike traditional home additions, ADU’s are standalone structures. They add valuable space to your property, making them an increasingly popular choice in Frederick, MD. These versatile structures can serve as guest or rental houses, providing exceptional comfort and functionality.

Benefits of having ADU’s in Frederick MD

ADUs come in various forms, from detached structures to attached units, and offer a range of benefits. Blue Horizon Construction recommends ADUs because they can:

Serve as an additional living unit
Provide rental income opportunities
Offer flexibility in usage
Function as a home office
Maintain the independence and privacy of the primary residence

They are a perfect solution for multigenerational living. Renting out an ADU can generate additional income. Also, many people use them as studios, guesthouses, or home offices.

Construction of ADU’s in Frederick MD

The ADU construction process starts with an open discussion with our team members. We have a lot of experience building versatile ADUs, so our goal is to suggest the most convenient options. We have the knowledge and experience to navigate all requirements, regulations, and principles associated with an ADU construction process.

At Blue Horizon Construction, we also perform general construction work, like pool construction, deck building, and more. Our professional technicians build all kinds of outdoor structures, including pergolas, pavilions, pool houses, and screened-in patios. We are ready to construct home additions, such as sunrooms, garage additions, ADUs, and screened-in porches.


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