Rebuilding Together in Frederick

One of the joys of being connected with the Frederick community is the opportunity to work with local organizations that are making a difference for the under-served in our area.

With both housing and construction prices feeling inflationary pressure, many homeowners can’t afford to renovate and repair their aging homes.

This is especially true for the elderly and disabled in need of costly improvements like roofing, windows, shower conversions, deck repair, wheelchair ramps, and even basic plumbing and electrical upgrades.

Rebuilding Together in Frederick

We are fortunate to have a working relationship with Rebuilding Together of Frederick County such that we can contribute to their work of providing much needed construction services to those in need in our community.

While the work can be as simple as installing new smoke detectors or fixing doors, the impact is significant and we find that those clients greatly appreciate even the smallest things.

And when we get the chance to do a shower conversion that allows the elderly to shower with ease, the impact is just so wonderful for all of us.

Rebuilding Together is funded by state, local, and federal grants as well as individual donors and a number of contractors like us who want to share some kindness by way of our skills. 
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